Police search for suspect in woman's mysterious death

BRAZORIA COUNTY, TX Now we're learning more about who she is and how she was killed, but some important questions still remain unanswered -- who killed her and why?

Tuesday afternoon was the last time anyone Beverly Sanders, 48, alive. She left her daughter at a relative's house in northwest Houston. This is the southwest Houston neighborhood she called home. The people of this tightly knit community are on edge as the search for her killer continues.

Neighbors say Sanders was recently widowed. She'd been struggling, they say, to get over the death of her husband who passed away about three months ago.

"When her husband passed away, she was outside all the time, walking around the truck, talking to the neighbors, then she would go in. She lost her best friend," said neighbor Sharon Fletcher.

On Wednesday morning, Brazoria County Sheriff's Deputies investigating an illegal dumping call found her body in a patch of woods near Highway 288. Sanders' red Dodge pickup was just a few feet away. In the days since the discovery, authorities have their first lead on a possible suspect. They have a composite sketch of the man who investigators say flagged down a passing motorist near the scene and asked for help.

Investigator Darrell Collins: "The Hispanic male asked the gentleman in the truck, 'Sir I've got my truck down here stuck can you come pull me out?' That's when the gentleman in the truck told him, 'I don't think my truck is going to make it down there, I'm sorry.'"

Investigators wouldn't say whether Sanders had been robbed or sexually assaulted, only that it appears she may have been killed somewhere other than the place where her body had been dumped. With no motives and few clues, authorities who suspect foul play are asking for the public's help. So are Sanders neighbors.

"They need to bring justice. You can't go around doing stuff to people like that. If they'll do it to her, they'll do it to anybody," said Fletcher.

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