Salvation Army needs help to spread holiday cheer

HOUSTON The secret Santa warehouse is where the Salvation Army collects and then organizes all of the toys and goods that will go to seniors and children this holiday season. Today, they got a big boost in that effort from Chevron, one of the corporate companies in Houston.

At least 100 employees from Chevron are helping organize those toys, bag them for families, seniors and children. The company itself also donated $100,000 to the Salvation Army. That money will help the Salvation Army recover from everything it did in the wake of Hurricane Ike, more than a year ago.

The Salvation Army is still in a lot of need. They are short in terms of being able to provide what they need for 30,000 people who have applied for help. They are just one of many non-profit organizations in need of such help.

"The Salvation Army and all of the non-profits in town need help so much right now, our community is such need. There are so many people that are hungry," said said Joni Baird with Chevron. "There are people that won't have Christmas and what is important is for all of us to come together to help those in need."

The donation from Chevron today and the people who are there to help out today will certainly go a long way towards helping to meet the need of those 30,000 but it is still not enough. They still need more help.

Some of the people working say the organization doesn't have any stuffed animals. They are hoping that people will donate stuffed animals, or make a donation so that the Salvation Army can go out and buy the items needed.

Last year the Salvation Army helped 20,000 people. This year it's hoping to help 30,000 people this year, a significant jump in 12 months.

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