HISD teacher in trouble with the law

HOUSTON Angel Deshone Johnson was arrested at Chavez High School on Monday. It's where she's worked since 2005. She's now charged with interfering with the duties of a police officer.

The trouble for the HISD teacher started on Almeda-Genoa on Houston's south side. It cost Johnson almost two days in jail, but could cost her a whole lot more.

"She became verbally abusive towards the officer," said Victor Senties with the Houston Police Department. "She became very belligerent."

It was last Sunday night when Houston police had responded to a major accident just east of Highway 288. According to court documents, with a small child in tow, Johnson was also on scene. She was there because one of her family members was involved. But she was no help police say, only a hindrance.

"It's a safety issue," said Senties. "You can't have people who are not directly involved hanging around like that."

And she wasn't just hanging around. Police say she was a distraction. As they were trying to clear the scene and move traffic along, one officer writes, "Johnson refused to leave." She "used profanity" and was "very belligerent."

She then claimed to be a police officer, but when the officer asked for her credentials, he writes she "strongly refused" to show them.

We wanted to ask Johnson about the incident, but through her front door in Pearland, a woman said she wasn't available.

We also wanted to know why she didn't show her police ID, because she is an officer. We did some checking and according to state records, she's worked for Houston Community College, Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's Office and HISD's police department. Her certification is current, although she now teaches at Chavez High School.

Johnson has been a certified peace officer in Texas for eight and a half years. What she's charged with is a misdemeanor, but if convicted, her license could be suspended or revoked. She's out on bond, due back in court on Tuesday.

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