Flasher on the loose in Missouri City

MISSOURI CITY, TX It starts with a knock at the door.

"When you answer, he's standing there with his trousers down to his ankle and his T-shirt pulled up above his head," said Captain John Bailey with the Missouri City Police Department.

He's hit a Missouri City neighborhood a dozen times this year, including twice in the last month.

"Our suspect never says anything," said Bailey. "No words are spoken, no threats are made."

While he may not be dangerous, neighbors say he's disgusting.

"We have to come home and we have to put up an extra guard because somebody wants to do something as foolish as this," said Missouri City resident Ella Holley.

What's worse, police have reason to believe the person doing this is lives in the neighborhood.

"On several of these cases, our officers have responded in less than two minutes and there have been witnesses outside, and nobody has seen anything or heard a car going away," said Bailey.

"I didn't think he'd be bold enough to come back," said Missouri City resident Wyneasha Thomas.

The flasher came to Thomas' house twice.

"The first time, he was at the front of the walkway," she said. "The second time, he was at my window."

Now installing cameras, Thomas says she'll be ready for him if he comes to her door again.

"Being a single mother, it's pretty scary," she told us.

Last March, police arrested a 16-year-old from this neighborhood and charged him with indecent exposure for doing the same thing.

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