How do you save money on hair?

HOUSTON Women everywhere are going longer in between hair-salon appointments, trying to stretch the life of their style. It's back to basics at Ceron, a Houston salon known for its high-end clientele. Ceron said this economy has some scaling back on their beauty salon appointments, including blonde Meghan Lee.

"It's maintenance," she said. "It's definitely maintenance -- not just your roots, but the condition of the hair."

So how can women really save money on your hairstyle? Ceron said -- first and foremost -- leave hair coloring to the pros. It may seem like the most-cost effective way to color your hair, but Ceron said using color out of a box is a big no-no.

"The pigmency is different in each individual, so it's very hard to just pick up a box," he said.

This is especially important if women are trying to go blonde.

"When you spend little, you are going to make a big mistake," he said. "You are going to spend triple the amount."

For textured hair, the pros at The Root of You say only shampoo, condition and flat iron your hair.

"I would go to a specialist someone who does color, someone who cuts, some who does extensions," says stylist Charita McGee. "I would never do those things at home."

Secondly, once a woman finds a good haircut she likes, stick to it. Ceron said the bob haircut is very in right now, and it is simple to work with.

"It's very easy to maintain," he said.

For textured hair, if women are going to get extensions, be sure to get them sewn in -- this will keep the hairstyle intact for two to three months. Also, don't skimp on cheap hair extensions.

"If you have better quality hair, you can use it two to three times," said Alexandria Knowles.

The third tip is to simply work with what you have.

"If your hair is curly, let it be curly," Ceron said. "It's the maintenance, and it's going to cost you money."

Finally, work with your hair stylist and set a budget. That means set up quick trims in between styles, and -- if you still want color -- Ceron offers a color enhancement with three or four foils at a fraction of the cost. For some women, having a healthy, well-maintained style comes at a price.

"It's worth it to be beautiful," Tiffany Joseph said. "You want to make sure your hair is healthy, because the Bible says the hair is the woman's glory. So you want to take care of it."

For those women who are curious, Ceron said long, artificially blonde hair is the most difficult style to maintain.

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