Last minute push for votes

HOUSTON Early voting ended Friday, but that doesn't mean the candidates will take the weekend off. It is a widely-held belief that with four major candidates for mayor, there will be a runoff. But getting to that runoff is not an easy proposition, which is why all of the candidates are working hard these final hours of their campaign.

For candidate Gene Locke, the final weekend of the campaign is full.

"This is a big race. It's an important race. It's gonna be a tight race," he said. "Every vote will count and so our campaign will focus on getting people to the polls and actually voting."

It is just as hectic in Annise Parker's camp, where block-walking, fundraising and phone calls make up the majority of the final push.

"I am very proud of the fact that I have more individual donors than all of my opponents combined and that I have more volunteers than all of my opponents combined," she said.

Peter Brown expects to spend the final four days doing what he can to get out the vote in what he calls his favorite part of the process.

"We're just out there going to polling places meeting people," said Brown. "Actually this last week is really the fun part of the campaign."

And Roy Morales, trailing in the polls, says he still needs to get out his message.

"My message is about providing property tax relief," he said. "It's about high ethical standards at city hall."

On Tuesday, campaigns that have spent months getting out their messages, debating, and shaking hands, we will find out if the last-minute efforts and all the ones before them are enough to take the top spot at city hall.

Eyewitness News and are your sources for results Tuesday night. We will have the latest on election night next Tuesday.

Leading up to this election, we asked the candidates a series of questions and allowed them to respond in video. To see the questions and how they responded, click on the links below:

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