Deputy fatally shoots armed man

HOUSTON Neighbors who saw and heard the shooting described the scene.

"We just heard a gunshot, one gunshot -- boom," said neighbor Victor Flores.

The gunshot came after Flores woke up to screaming sirens. When he peeked out the window, police cars blocked the entire street in front of his house.

"The officers were telling him to get out of the truck, but he wouldn't get out of the truck. He wouldn't get out of the truck and then we just heard that gunshot," said Flores.

It all started at a Taco Bell on FM 1960 near Cypress Station. Police say they got a panicked call from the suspect's wife. She told them the husband was threatening her and her child and had a gun. When Harris County deputies arrived, they spotted the man leaving the parking lot and chased him all the way home to the 200 block of Eldon.

"They kept telling him to get out of the truck, and get out of the truck," said Flores. "But he had parked it in the grass and it kind of looked like he wanted to leave, but they had him blocked in."

"(He was) grabbing a gun, pointed it to his head. Officers asked him to drop the weapon and at that point, he points the weapon to one of our sheriff's deputies and that deputy fires his gun, striking the suspect once," said Christina Garza with the Harris County Sheriff's Department. "The suspect is DOA here at the scene."

By dawn, Houston police towed the suspect's silver extended cab Dodge Ram. The blast from the gunshot blew out the driver's side window.

What remains unanswered is what would drive a husband and father to threaten to harm himself and his family. While neighbors don't know the answer, what they have seen may be telling.

"We would just see them fighting sometimes or yelling at each other, or him on the phone yelling at her," said neighbor Naomi Reyes.

Authorities haven't released the name of the suspect who was shot and killed. The sheriff's deputy who fired his weapon has been on the force for more than five years. He wasn't injured in the incident. Houston police are investigating.

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