Girl is scared to return to school

HOUSTON That mother met with district officials Monday at the Aldine ISD administration building, but came away from that meeting not satisfied. She says her daughter has been scarred and believes the little boys responsible have not been disciplined enough.

With her painted nails and Miley Cyrus t-shirt, Crissy Gonzalez, 7, is your typical first grader, although last week she had no typical first grade experience.

"They got my arm and dragged me to the wall and they told me they were going to rape me," said Crissy.

That came from the mouths of two other first graders. Crissy says she was on the playground at Orange Grove Elementary School when the two boys took her behind a building and said they were going to rape her. Crissy yelled for her teacher and got away.

"Where does a six or seven-year-old come up with the word rape?" said Crissy's mother, Connie Negrate.

She is shocked about what happened, but furious about what didn't happen.

"Somebody should have either brought her home or kept her there and picked up the phone the instant it happened," said Connie.

Instead, she says she learned of the incident from her daughter.

The school district says officials had planned to call her and did talk to her that afternoon, but they contacted the boys' parents first.

A spokesman declined an on-camera interview. Instead he sent a statement that reads in part, "Inconsistencies in the children's statements led administrators to determine that the inappropriate actions and behavior of the first-grade boys were not an attempted assault."

That might explain their punishment of a one day suspension. Connie thinks it was too light.

"I think that they should be removed from the school and if not removed, at least removed from recess," she said.

She also thinks others parents should know about what happened in case the boys' words turn into action.

"You go to school to learn, now she goes to school afraid to think is she going to run into the two little boys who pushed her and told her they're going to rape her," said Connie.

The district says it will keep the girl and the boys separated at school. All three have been counseled. The spokesperson told us they don't typically notify parents unless an incident affects all children.

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