Off-duty deputy killed in car accident

HOUSTON Investigators say a driver hit the private car of a Precinct 3 deputy constable, causing the crash and then took off. The officer's car went into oncoming traffic on Main and Pin Oak in northeast Harris County and hit another vehicle.

"This is Madeline and she is 6 months old and he loved spending every minute of the day with her when he was off," said widow Deniese Clenney.

For Denise it is difficult enough to know her children's father won't be coming home, but when her oldest, child, two-year-old Abigail, asks what happened it's that much more tragic.

"I already explained to her that he's in heaven but she's just not grasping it and I don't expect her to," said Denise.

Her husband, Officer Robert Clenney, was not supposed to work Saturday night, but after a fellow officer called in sick, the deputy constable took the extra job. However, before he even got to the jobsite, his life would end in a tragic accident.

"He was going south on Main and Pin Oak and a car struck him from behind and when it did it caused him to go into a tailspin, and sent his vehicle into the oncoming traffic," said Constable Ken Jones of Harris County Precinct 3.

The vehicle that allegedly caused the wreck, a small black car, fled the scene. The day after, Officer Clenney's widow gave a heartfelt plea for that driver to turn him or herself in.

"Even if it was an accident please come forward. I'm a forgiving person. I don't hold, and neither did Robert, Robert didn't hold grudges," said Denise.

Officer Clenney, who'd only been with Precinct 3 for 11 months, was considered a very attentive officer. His wife says it was his childhood dream to wear the badge, which he did proudly. Now, as she grieves, she hopes the public remembers someone greater than the job he did.

"I want them to know he was a really great father and that we can use all the help that we can get because we want him to be buried and all his wishes to be met," said Denise.

Police ask anyone with information about this crime to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS or log on to

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