Local team takes national title

HOUSTON Forget the peanuts and cracker jacks. At the Ragin Cajun, this baseball crowd was digging into the gumbo and crawfish and rooting for the home team. Lilly Coen was watching her brother play baseball on TV.

"It's kind of nervous," she said. "I don't know, but yeah I'm excited."

It was West University Little League's 15 and 16 year olds up on the TV screens.

. "This is the Senior Little League National World Championship between Texas and California," explained father Mark Fichter. "They've already knocked out all the international teams."

They're high school players who've been on the same Little League team since they were kids, and players who serve as an inspiration to younger kids in West U, like 10-year-old John Doxakis.

"Just trying to support (the teenagers)," John said. "So I can do it when I get older."

Coach Dean Doxakis was watching too, and thinking they might just clinch the championship.

"They're pretty strong," said Doxakis. "This is a very talented team. A lot of these boys are playing in very strong high school programs. They're very talented."

It was an optimism shared by everyone in the crowd.

Will Fraser, who has friends on the team, said, "I'm really excited for them. Ii know they're going to win."

"I want them to win everything right now," said Ragin Cajun owner Luke B. Mandola, Sr. "I want them to put it away. That would be great for Houston."

In the end they were right. West U Little League won the senior championship 9 -to -7.

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