Local restaurant owner heading to space

HOUSTON From a menu that features the names of planets, to the name of the restaurant itself, one Houston restaurant has a sky high connection.

Not only does the Hernandez family claim to have out of this world cuisine at their restaurant Tierra Luna, but the patriarch is an astronaut. Jose Hernandez is set to liftoff on his first shuttle mission next week.

"My husband's going up in space next Tuesday," his wife Adela said. "Our [restaurant] name… actually means Earth Moon."

It is truly an amazing feat for this family of seven, considering that both Jose and Adela are the children of migrant workers.

"Anything's possible if we set our mind to it," Adela said.

Jose's son Julio is ecstatic about his father's accomplishments.

"I am extremely proud of my Dad," he said.

Julio has inherited his father's work ethic.

About the family restaurant he said, "I love working here. This is basically my second home. I'm a bus boy, I am a waiter, I'm a dishwasher, and I'm a cocinero, a cook."

The surrounding community is very supportive of the Hernandez family as well.

"Our restaurant is very family friendly," Adela said. "As the customers come in, they already know us."

And given that this is a family-run restaurant, "Dad" apparently pitches in, too -- when he's not orbiting Earth, that is.

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