Boy calls 911 to save grandpa

SANTA FE, TX When Josh Rudolph saw his Papa in trouble, he knew just who to call. It all happened on a sprawling lawn in Santa Fe where Bobbie Smith and her family were doing yard work. Everyone else was busy, but four-year-old Josh had his eyes on his grandfather. And he knew exactly what to do when he saw him run into trouble.

Smith was busy mowing lawns for the family business, when her four-year-old son saw something she missed and ran for the phone.

"Dial 911 call, that's all I remember," said Josh.

Call transcript:
Operator: 911
Josh: Can we get, can we get a rescue people to come out here 'cause my Papa's bad.
Operator: OK, what address?
Smith: He doesn't know, hon. Here I am...

"He come running, and he said, 'Mommy, 911's on the phone,'" Smith recalled.

Smith says her father was riding his lawnmower when he ran into a 2x6" board, accidentally stabbing himself just below the hip. As he struggled to free himself, Josh was the only one who noticed anything was wrong.

"I told them we need an ambulance real quick," Josh explained.

Smith says she taught Josh how to call for help several months ago but wasn't sure he would actually remember.

"I was stunned. I was really amazed," she said. "It made me proud. Because he knew what he needed to do, as young as he is, he knew what he needed to do."

The family says that if paramedics had arrived any later Josh's grandfather might have bled to death.

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