Brothers found murdered in field

FRESNO, TX When a neighbor called law enforcement about a possible stolen car in the middle of a field, investigators were expecting to find just that. Instead they found two brothers -- one inside the car and one in the field. Both were shot to death.

Jenny Reyes, the victims' cousin, said, "To me, nobody deserves this. They don't know the pain they've caused to the family. It's just something real painful."

Reyes and other family members identified the brothers as Robert and José Hernandez. When they didn't come home Monday morning, family, friends and a young woman who says she's been dating one of the brothers grew worried.

"I was supposed to hang out with him this morning, and he took off work so he could hang out with me," said the girlfriend who didn't want to be identified. "I've been calling him and he hasn't answered his phone. And those guys down there told us that it was two Hispanic males and that one was 20 and one was 23 and that it was a green Impala."

Investigators say it's too early to say what the exact motive was, but they believe at least one of the brothers may have been involved in gang activity. Gathering evidence in the large rural field is crucial.

Chief Deputy Craig Brady explained, "When you've got a large crime scene like this, you've got it spread out over a mile area. It's obvious the car came into that field at some point. We don't know exactly where, so we're searching the entire field, trying to see what, if any, evidence we can find of where the car entered, if there's any casings from firearms, anything of that nature."

Family and friends don't want to think about the cause of the murders, but they admit it's not a total shock.

A friend who didn't want to be identified said, "I wouldn't say I'm surprised because it's always going on, like that. Every time I go around there, there is always shootings. And they're always in meetings, talking about people shooting at their houses."

Investigators say there are no suspects in custody. They are focused on gathering evidence. The boys' parents, who live nearby, are devastated.

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