Armored car guard shot

HOUSTON It all went down outside of the Bank of America on Old Spanish Trail and Scott in southeast Houston at around 8am Friday. We're told the guard who was shot underwent minor surgery. He was shot in the knee and another bullet grazed his head. A Loomis spokesperson says he is lucky and in such good shape that he could go home soon.

It happened as that Loomis armed guard attempted to add cash to a Bank of America ATM. Police say he was approached by two armed men. Within seconds, an eyewitness who wishes to remain anonymous says he heard four or five shots.

"Yeah, rapid," said the witness. "It was 'pop, pop, pop, pop'."

The eyewitness says he then heard something just as chilling.

"I heard someone screaming, 'Someone call 911. I've been shot. I've been shot'," he said.

The witness says he ran to the bank's parking lot and while on the phone with 911, elevated the guard's leg to limit bleeding.

Authorities say the guard got a split second's worth of warning from the driver of the Loomis vehicle when he saw the gunmen approaching. The keys were still in the ATM at the time of the shooting, as the guard locked it before trying to run from the gunmen. But the FBI says they chased him down.

"They began shooting at him. We believe that's where he was struck once and fell to the ground," said Sgt. David Ryza with the FBI Bank Robbery Task Force. "As he laid on the ground, one suspect ran up to him and shot him."

The driver was clearly distraught, wiping tears from his face while talking to investigators. They say he did as his is trained, by staying inside the armored vehicle during the incident.

Authorities are still looking for the gunmen, whose descriptions are very vague. They were wearing bandanas on their faces and driving a gray Chevy Impala.

There was another robbery of an armored car guard back at the end of last month. That robbery happened at a Wal Mart along the East Freeway.

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