Accusing firefighter gives writing sample

HOUSTON Firefighter Jane Draycott says she has no problem cooperating with the investigation. But she is not happy that investigators appear to have turned the focus of their probe onto her and her female co-worker. Both women claim they were the ones victimized by the graffiti.

Draycott showed up just before 9am with her husband and an attorney, looking eager to get it over with. She arrived at Houston police headquarters ready to provide investigators with a court ordered handwriting sample.

"Oh, absolutely, we want to find out who did this. We're cooperating fully," said Draycott.

Draycott is one of two female firefighters who complained about racist and sexist graffiti in their sleeping quarters at Fire Station 54.

Records show she and Paula Keyes reported harassment for months before the incident. But both were asked to undergo polygraph tests last week. And Draycott admits she's troubled by the focus investigators are placing them.

"I mean, who wouldn't be? I'm a victim. Paula's a victim. There are other victims out there," she said.

Holding Draycott's hand today was her husband, Jason Draycott. Senior Police Officer Draycott is a 24-year veteran of the Houston Police Department.

"It's very difficult, of course," said Jason Draycott. "To me, it's upsetting how the department is handling this."

He told Eyewitness News he is here because he believes in his wife.

"To support her and to be here with her," he said. "I love her very much. And I know she's innocent in all this."

Draycott's attorney said he cannot divulge the results of last week's polygraph exams. We expect the results of today's handwriting analysis to remain confidential as well until an investigation is complete.

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