Woman says she was pricked by syringes

HOUSTON The store and sheriff's deputies are trying to figure out how it happened. The woman's husband says the needles appeared to have been used.

The incident happened around 11:30am in a Kohl's store on FM 529 and Barker Cypress. The woman reported finding three syringes in the clothes she was trying on. It's an incident not only concerning her family, but customers as well.

Outside the store Thursday afternoon, news of the alleged incident took many customers by surprise.

"I think it's pretty scary to know that someone would actually do that," said one customer.

Another customer was equally concerned saying, "It makes me think twice about trying on clothes without checking them out first."

No one was more shocked than the man married to the victim.

"Obviously the concern is for her safety," he told us.

Speaking to us on the condition we don't reveal his identity, the victim's husband detailed what he says happened. He says his wife was trying on a pair of shorts when she was pricked by what she though was a pin, only to discover after reaching into the pockets that three syringes were inside.

"They were obviously used. They had blood on them," the victim's husband said.

What troubles him is that store employees seemed to downplay the incident, only notifying the sheriff's office after he suggested it.

"That's the first question I asked them, 'Did you call law enforcement?' They told me they hadn't. They had called their loss prevention individual," said the victim's husband.

The sheriff's office confirmed a police report was taken, but without any evidence the syringes were left intentionally, it was strictly taken for information.

A spokesperson for Kohl's said, "We are cooperating with authorities as they investigate."

One employee revealed that the store is taking preventative action.

"We're going through all the pants to make sure that everything checks out all right. We just want to be sure that the entire store is safe after this," said the employee.

As for the alleged victim, her husband has now begun taking preventative treatment in the event the syringes were infected. He told us she will have to undergo a series of test over the next few months.

"There's no indication who left these there, you know, what their condition is," he said. "You've got possible exposure to all kinds of communicable diseases."

He also said the store told him they are reviewing surveillance video to try to determine where these syringes came from, but they say with the number of customers they have, nothing can be conclusive.

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