KBR contractor accused of rape granted bond

HOUSTON David Breda is free on $100,000 bond. His family members said nothing as they left the courthouse Wednesday afternoon. Inside, they listened to hours of testimony over whether or not Breda should be released on bond.

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, Breda was hired by KBR to work at the gym on a U.S. military base in Iraq. While there, he admitted to having an affair with a member of the military, and is now charged with sexually assaulting a fellow contractor last October.

"This is the first case out of Iraq that a defendant was charged in a sexual type assault case," said victims' advocate Jamie Leigh Jones. "So today's very exciting."

Jones attended Wednesday's court hearing to show support for the victim. She says she was gang raped while a contractor in Iraq and since 2007, has testified in Congress, working with lawmakers to give contractors assaulted in war zones more of a voice. Wednesday's proceedings, she says, was a start.

"I do hope that justice prevails. I'm very excited to see that there's a court appearance in one of these cases that has come out of Iraq," said Jones.

But Breda's attorney was focused on just one thing, getting his client out on bond, arguing in court that any affairs or other conduct with women doesn't mean Breda is guilty of sexual assault.

"Being an adulterer and a ladies' man, possibly being an adulterer and a ladies' man is not a crime," said defense attorney Roderick White. "Nor is it something that we in our criminal justice system can consider in choosing or not choosing to detain someone prior to trial."

Breda will have to give up his passport and wear a monitoring device. His trial is set for August 24.

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