Sen. Gallegos meets family of life-saving teen

HOUSTON Gallegos received a liver transplant and on Saturday, he got the chance to say thank you to the parents of the teenager who donated the organ.

It was a meeting with meaning and tears.

"It's nice to see the sun come up every day, and it's because of Robby," said Senator Gallegos.

Senator Gallegos received Robby Trevino, Jr.'s liver two years ago. Robby was just 16 when he died of a heart condition.

"That's all he wanted to do, was he wanted to grow up and he wanted to make a difference," said Laurie Trevino, Robby's mother. "He didn't have a chance to grow up, but he does still have a chance to make a difference and that just makes me really happy.".

Nearly 16,000 people nationwide are on the waiting list for a liver right now and more than 90,000 others are waiting for other organs, like kidneys, hearts, and lungs. Last year, 6,600 people died waiting for a transplant. And that's exactly why Senator Gallegos and Lifegift want people to sign up to donate organs.

"When you're talking about your life and the life of your loved one, it's a personal thing," said Senator Gallegos.

Robby's organs went to four different recipients. And in a way, for his parents, it means Robby lives on.

"The donation part of it was therapeutic for us," said Robby's father, Robbby, Sr. "It helped me a lot through the grieving."

And for Senator Gallegos, it's a chance to share his appreciation with the parents of the boy who gave him a new life.

If you want to sign up to be an organ donor, you can log on to the state database at

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