Theme park coming to Tomball

TOMBALL, TX In the northwest part of Tomball near Highway 249 and FM 2920, almost nothing was there five years ago. Now it's one of the town's busiest shopping centers.

Folks who know Tomball know Main Street, Klein's grocery store and the Rib Tickler. Now even natives can't deny the face and the pace of Tomball is changing. There are wider roads, an I-max theatre complex, and lots of traffic.

"We actually have a lot of younger people that call Tomball home," said Mayor Gretchen Fagen.

Mayor Fagen says about 11,000 people live here, a number that's held steady, but businesses are blossoming.

"Everybody wants that small town feel but they want to be able to shop. People don't want to drive 30 or 40 minutes to get someplace," said Mayor Fagen.

Developer Monty Galland is bringing a 100-acre theme park to Tomball.

It'll have rope courses and zip lines that'll go through the woods and catch and release fishing, a giant maze, and obstacle courses.

Complete with a Texas theme, Galland says they'll break ground in the fall and open next April.

Right now, Tomball Hospital is the town's biggest job bank with 1,500 employees. With 9,000 students, Tomball College comes in second with 800 employees.

Galland says the new theme park would add at least 200 jobs.

Devasco-International moved its business of 40 employees to Tomball from Houston.

"It also brings a possible move of their families here, too," said Bruce Hillegeist of the Tomball Chamber of Commerce.

It's a trend Hillegeist wants to continue, turning raw land into valuable businesses Tomball can treasure.

As for the future of Tomball, there will be new store fronts everywhere you turn.

Tomball city leaders are working with a consulting team on a comprehensive plan to expand and re-invent the town. They hope to have a final blueprint by the end of the year.

You can read more about the planned theme park in the Tomball Potpourri, our Houston Community Newspaper partner.

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