New details on father involved in tragedy

HOUSTON Pedro Rosabal then shot himself in the head moments later. He still lies in critical condition.

At the scene of the shootings, a large teddy bear reminds us of the two innocent victims involved.

"Those were two beautiful little babies," said resident Burnita Scott.

The tragic crime not only has shocked neighbors, but has left many wondering what went wrong.

"That's a horrible sight to see those kids in the car. I have children and grandchildren," said Scott.

Houston police said Rosabal picked up his kids from summer school and drove then to an apartment complex where he shot them and then himself. Police said he was upset about being unable to work out marital problems with his wife.

"The most dangerous time during a family violence dispute is when they separate," said Frida Villalobos of the Houston Area Women's Center.

The Houston Area Women's Center deals with rocky relationships often. In fact, calls to their hotline are up by 4% over last year. They said spouses who make threats of abuse shouldn't be ignored.

While every case is different, experts said there are ways to leave a spouse safely by either moving in with relatives or into a shelter. Spouses can even seek protective orders.

"Someone that is in a state where they don't know what to do and they can't manipulate you anymore, they're going to do something. If they say it, then take it very seriously," said Villalobos.

The hotline for the Houston area women's center is 713-528-2121.

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