City closing golf courses?

HOUSTON One option on the table would be to close down a city golf course in northeast Houston. It's an option that the city has considered for years.

Barry Wilson drives all the way from La Porte to play golf here.

"Nice folks out here, treat you like a human being," said Wilson.

Another golfer, MD Neely, is a volunteer marshal.

"I'd really hate to see it close because it's really a nice track," said Neely.

Wilson and Neely are just some of the golfers worried about the future of Brock Park Golf Course, a city-owned course on the northeast side of town.

City council members looking to cut costs, proposed a financial study of all city golf courses as part of the budget review.

"Their recommendations for possible closures or other uses to maximize value to the city," said councilmember Anne Clutterbuck.

While Clutterbuck didn't name any specific golf courses, in reality the only course in danger is Brock, a course that has consistently lost money.

Mayor Bill White didn't down play the closure talk.

"If you have some golf courses where it's a high cost per user with relatively fewer number of users, that's the kind of stuff that comes out of belt-tightening," said Mayor White.

Any potential closure of Brock golf course will come only after several public hearings and lots of evaluations. The golfers we talked to say they'll fight to keep their course.

"As many people I see out here playing, I would hate to see this course close down," said golfer Adan Pantoja.

The people we talked to at Brock said they are used to hearing rumors that the city wants to close down the golf course.

Again, the only thing being proposed right now is a study of the viability of all city-owned golf courses.

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