Couple experiences nightmare before nuptials

HOUSTON It's happening to a young couple who will tie the knot in northwest Harris County Saturday. A pile of smelly trash will be there to greet wedding guests Saturday after the bride and groom say their pleas for help to the county have gone unanswered.

Jessi Thompson and David Johnson are supposed to be married at a home on Woodland W. Drive near Woodheather, but they're concerned about the distraction next door.

"I can't be a Johnson until I clean up the pile of trash," said Thompson.

It's not traditionally what brides do the day before their wedding, but Thompson has no choice.

"It's everybody's worst nightmare that it's going to be there for the reception," she said.

The growing pile of trash has been sitting at the abandoned house since April and on Saturday, 100 guests will show up for a wedding right next door.

"There's a huge pile of it that is just full of diapers and garbage that's going to come our way," said Thompson.

Jessi and future husband David had called Harris County's Environmental and Public Health Office several times, but never had any luck.

"They kind of said they're going to come and take care of it, but it's still there," said David.

The county did return one phone call, but said it's not their problem.

"The complainant's inside Ft. Bend County, so you need to contact them," said the voice saved on a message that the couple played for us. "I don't have the number to give you, so please contact Ft. Bend County to make a complaint about the dumping."

After that call, an inspector surveyed the house and acknowledged the mess, but never did anything about it.

"The inspector had called me and said, 'Oh yeah, that's a pretty large pile of trash. We'll look into it'," said Jessi.

The couple's families helped them conceal the mess for the time being with a big tarp. After all, there's a lot more to do before the big day.

The county says they received no records of complaints. But they also say they're going to contact the person who owns the home and go from there.

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