Wild chase ends with vehicle inside home


Police say the suspect's name is Anthony Roger, 24. He was transported to the hospital in a medical helicopter where he is listed in serious condition.

The family's home on Denham at Shaver in Pasadena suffered major damage.

At 76 years of age, Rufel Muniz has seen a lot in his lifetime and little shocks or surprises him, until this morning.

"When I got up, the truck was in the living room," said Muniz.

It was late last night when a suspect in a stolen truck crashed into the home he's shared with his wife for over 20 years.

"Yeah, yeah, we're all right. We are lucky we are alive," he said.

While the chase between the Pasadena police and the suspect ended in his living room, it started at an apartment complex several blocks away. In the last seconds of the pursuit, the suspect hit a construction sign, lost control and slammed into a light post.

"That is what saved me, because I sleep right there in the front. If the truck didn't hit that pole, the truck would have slammed right into my room and I wouldn't be talking right now," said Muniz.

It was the sound of gunfire, Muniz says, that saved his wife. She heard a noise and went to go check it out, but turned around when she heard an officer fire three shots at the suspect, who was allegedly trying to run over him.

"That is when the truck crashed through (the house) and it might have been a little worse if she had still been heading towards the door," said the couple's son, Noe Muniz. "But when she heard the shots, she turned around and she got hit from behind."

The couple's son says his mother has a couple of bruises on the back of her leg. She was hit by a couch that came flying across the living room in the accident.

Pasadena police have not released any information on the officer who opened fire on the suspect. He wasn't injured.

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