Men named Crooks arrested

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Police said one of the men worked for Brinks, the home security company, and they said the crooks then used that knowledge to try and to break into homes.

It's one of those nice suburban neighborhoods where the Brinks sign often pops up in front of elegant homes, but to Rhonda Floyd, that sign no longer stands for security.

"I'm extremely upset. I've been on the phone with Brinks last night, and this morning," said Floyd.

Not after these three men knocked on her door Monday afternoon.

"I said, 'Can I help you?' He said, 'Do you have DirecTV service?' and he said, 'Do you want DirecTV service?' and I said, 'No,'" said Floyd.

The men left her house, but soon cousins Edward Rouse, Craig and Kevin Crooks, approached another home.

"Once they looked inside a window, they went to the back, the witnesses then saw them fleeing the backyard, and going to a four-door Buick," said Sgt. John Jordan with the League City Police Department.

That homeowner followed the men's car and called police who located the men at a nearby gas station. When police searched the car, they found something surprising.

"They found a list with 16 houses, with the address, the alarm code, and items inside they possibly wanted to take," said Jordan.

It turns out, all the homes on the list had a Brinks security system and one of the suspects, Kevin Crooks, used to work for the security company.

Brinks said in part, "...a thorough background check for all potential new employees and annual background reviews for existing employees are part of the process. Brinks Home Security will continue to do everything possible to assist police during this investigation."

All three men are under arrest, but for Floyd, Brinks will never mean a sense of security again.

"I can't get my mind off any of this right now, actually," said Floyd.

Brinks Security said it is cooperating with League City investigators. Meanwhile, all three men have been charged with attempted burglary.

You can read more about the trio of crooks in our Houston Community Newspaper partner, The Bay Area Citizen.

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