Letters sent home to Katy ISD parents

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The attack happened at McMeans Jr. High School on Westheimer Parkway near Fry Road in Katy.

At the school on Tuesday, parents were still in shock over the alleged incident, wondering why after nearly a week following the alleged assault, they still haven't seen a letter explaining what happened.

"It's horrible," said parent Mary McGovern. "It's just absolutely horrible."

Katy ISD confirms the claim that an eighth grade boy says he was assaulted on an athletic field last week by two other eighth graders. That assault, we have confirmed, was of a sexual nature. The district says it did not immediately inform parents to protect the families of those involved. One parent with whom we spoke has her questions.

"They could still do it without naming the kids involved or what's going on," said parent Robin Jones. "It seems like you'd want to put them on notice that something happened."

The district says it did immediately notify Katy ISD police once the outcry was made, which is required under the law. The Ft. Bend County DA's office also has been notified in the event charges are merited.

"We'll comb over it like we do with any juvenile case or any adult case and see if it establishes enough information to allege what, if we were to be in the adult system, would be a criminal offense," said Ft. Bend County District Attorney John Healey.

In the meantime, Katy ISD says the alleged perpetrators have been disciplined, although exactly how is not being disclosed.

One parent just learning of the incident is conflicted whether the district is doing the right thing or not.

"I don't know," said McGovern. "I have to go to the website and call the school and find out what's going on and why they didn't tell us sooner."

Katy ISD officials say they couldn't reveal too many details because it's a juvenile case. Sexual assault is considered level 5 conduct, according to the district's handbook, which could result in expulsion.

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