Higher gas prices may impact travel season

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Overnight, the prices jumped two cents both nationally and here in the Houston area. The national average is now $2.25 a gallon. It's $2.13 a gallon on average here in Houston.

It's the news that nobody wants to hear. There is a silver lining, experts say. They are predicting that regular gasoline retail prices will average about $2.23 a gallon. That's down almost a $1.60 from last summer.

The rising gas prices are actually the normal for the month of May, which is when refineries switch over to more expensive blends of gasoline. Some drivers even joke about it, calling it the 'new American tradition.'

Experts predict the gasoline prices may hit as high as $2.30 a gallon before Memorial Day, which they say should be the peak at least for the time being.

To find out gas prices in your area, just enter the city, state or zip code.

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