Camera deals heat up for summer

HOUSTON May is a great month to buy a new camera because there are sales everywhere, and beyond the megapixels and price, stores are offering a whole bunch of other extras.

The Canon ELPH 1200-IS is a big seller at Wolf Camera.

"People like the colors," said Justin Tucker at Wolf Camera. "I have hard time keeping them in stock."

The camera has 10 megapixels. More megapixels mean your pictures will stay crisp and colorful even when you enlarge them, but the price is large too at $239. We found the same camera at Target for $229.99. That's $9 cheaper but at Wolf each camera comes with 18 camera lessons for free.

If you know what to look for you can find a good camera for less. For about a $109.99, both Target and Wolf carry the Nikon l-19 Coolpix camera with 8 megapixels. It's just fine for most people who want smaller prints.

Kodak's Easy Share C-913 camera with 9.2 megapixels and 3X zoom is on sale at Target right now for just $79.99, normally it's $89.99.

"They make scrapbooks and they have movie-maker so they can make little movies," said parent Cecilia Pinson.

These bargains are common right now. With Mother's Day almost here and summer coming, a lot of stores have digital cameras on sale. Target has the high end Nikon Coolpix S230 on sale. It has 10 mega pixels, an LCD touch screen and vibration reduction. It's now $179.99. The regular price is $229.99. You also get a free camera case and a free two gigabyte memory card. That memory card alone would cost you $30.

Over at Costco Wholesale Store you need to have a membership card which sells for $50, but members can get some great deals. The Kodak Easy Share 10 megapixel camera is on sale for $109.99. It retails for $139.99 and it comes with a one gigabyte memory card which is worth $20 plus you get 50 free prints.

For $199.99 at Costco there's a Sony CyberShot 12 megapixel camera that comes with a free two gigabyte memory card worth $30 and a free camera case. We found that same camera at Conn's for $179.99 but no case or memory card are included. The manufacturer's warranty is all you get. A word about returns and warranties, Costco's are hard to beat.

"If you buy a camera and you don't want it, you have 90 days to return it no questions asked," said Costco manager Randy Marteney.

Costco also has a free two year service warranty. They will give you a new camera if it's defective.

The Canon PowerShot SD-880IS is a popular digital camera because it has top of the line features like 10 megapixels.

"Megapixel, the higher that number is the better enlargements you can make, so if you find yourself doing 8 by 10 and larger, you may need a 10 megapixel or more," Tucker advised.

It also has a 4X optical zoom lens giving you close shots from far away and an image stabilizer to prevent blurry pictures. These are three features you want in a camera, but at $300 dollars, it is pricey. If you shop around online, be careful, you could still pay full price or save a whopping $70.

At, you can get that camera brand new for only $247.95 and refurbished for just $229.95. Compare that to Best where you'll pay full price at $299.99 and at it's also about the same at $299.88.

For a list of camera values, go to the Consumer Blog where you'll find all of the models from this story and a few more.

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