Horses rescued from flooded sanctuary

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You've probably never seen a couple of cowboys in kayaks leading horses, but that's exactly what we saw Tuesday afternoon from SkyEye HD.

The horses were recovering from various injuries while spending time at a wildlife sanctuary near Eldridge at Patterson. During Tuesday's strong storms, a dozen horses and a couple of donkeys escaped.

They were later rescued, and step by step, they marched through the high water to safety.

"They are so scared. The boats scare them, they don't know where they are," said Julie Hollingsworth of the Remington Acres Wildlife Sanctuary.

The next stop for the horses and the two little donkeys is a ranch in Montgomery County until all of the water goes down.

"The horses are spooked. They've never seen this much water. The water did come up a little after Hurricane Ike, but it wasn't this bad. It was a whole lot worse," said Joseph Guillen of the Remington Acres Wildlife Sanctuary.

We can only assume the horses were happy to be high and dry, but it was easy to know their rescuers were happy.

"We're all here. We're all trying to get them, trying to help. It's all about the horses," said Guillen.

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