Storms cause flooding on I-45 north

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According to the Precinct 4 constable's office, there are plans to close the I-45 feeder road at Rayford Road. Drivers will either have to stay on I-45 or exit on to the Hardy Toll Road.

Employees of an area business have been stranded in their parking lot due to the high water. Several cars were stuck in high water on Raypine Drive. Tow truck drivers have been busy pulling those cars out. Drivers who abandoned their cars faced waist deep water to escape.

Residents in Spring say this is as bad as it has ever been.

"I've never seen it this high before, and I've been out in this area for about seven or eight years," said Spring resident Stephan Koonce. "They've built up around the area, and I'm thinking the drainage isn't up to standards the way it should be. All the entire feeder road for about 10 to 15 miles, the feeders are flooded, and that's for a normal rain. So the drainage up here isn't what it should be any more."

The feeder has been closed at Rayford, so drivers will have to get on I-45, and that's not a pleasant situation either. Some drivers say they've been sitting in traffic for an hour and only traveling about the distance of a block. A few drivers have actually pulled over to allow pets or children to relieve themselves, and others have had their cars overheat. Drivers are advised to avoid the area if possible.

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