Second suspect arrested in DeJesus case

PEARLAND, TX [PHOTOS: See images from search for Susana DeJesus]
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According to investigators, Nicholas Michael Jean, 21, and Wallace Ledet, 25, were together the night DeJesus was kidnapped. Jean allegedly got out of the car they were in and forced /*DeJesus*/ into another vehicle.

On Friday, DeJesus' sister, Guilly Puente, spoke publicly for the first time since learning her sister's fate.

"This is something that no one would ever want to wish upon someone else," she said. "This act was a cold-blooded, heartless, and there is no justification for an act like that."

The capital murder charge that is pending against Jean is expected to be filed in Brazoria County.

Ledet, who was arrested around midnight Friday, has told investigators he had nothing to do with DeJesus'' murder. Since his arrest, we've learned more about who he is and his relationship with Jean, the prime suspect in the case.

"Our investigators told me that he (Ledet) didn't appear to be surprised, that he probably knew it was coming," said Captain Chris Kincheloe with the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office.

Ledet is accused of driving a black Ford F-150 witnesses spotted following DeJesus back on February 2 when she went missing. Ledet is said to have been friends with Jean, the man who led authorities to DeJesus' body earlier this week.

Authorities say both men attended Pearland High School and both at one point, lived in the same Pearland subdivision.

"I never would have expected it ever in a million years," said Cathy Miller, who lived between the men's homes in Pearland. "When we found out about Nick the other day, my daughter said, 'I guess you don't really know anybody'."

Miller said her daughter knew Jean and the two used to talk to each other through the fence.

Authorities say Ledet has confessed to his part in the kidnapping, but not the murder. It's unclear, authorities say, whether he knew kidnapping was the goal when he allegedly dropped Jean off at the shopping center. Authorities have also not ruled out that there could be others involved.

"Anyone who had any involvement with either one of these suspects, if they don't want to get really hung up, they need to come forward and let us know what they've done," said Kincheloe. "We're not going to stop. We're going to try to to get everyone."

Even though police say the two suspects went to Pearland High School, Pearland ISD told us Friday that they have no record of Ledet in their school system.

Ledet is charged with aggravated kidnapping. Bond is set at $50,000.

Brazoria County investigators believe Jean shot DeJesus. He remains behind bars in Angleton. Jean is charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery. Capital murder charges are expected. Investigators believe Jean is the one who abducted DeJesus, shot her to death and dumped her body in a semi-trailer parked near Reliant Park in southwest Houston.

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