Is Pearland sign false advertising?

February 13, 2009 8:53:55 PM PST
Shadow Creek Ranch is the biggest subdivision in Pearland, but some residents say a promise the developer made amounts to false advertising. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

It's a 3,300 acre master-planned community in Pearland. Right next door to its visitor's center on Shadow Creek Ranch Parkway where potential homebuyers stop in, is a big sales tactic on a big blue sign that reads, "Future Fire/Police Station"

It's been there for several years and homebuyers have taken notice.

"That was one of the reasons we moved here to have a fire station and police station so close," said resident Jerrell Washington.

We checked with the City of Pearland and there is a problem. It's not on their five-year development plan.

"There is no plan for a substation and as far as our fire stations are concerned, you are correct. We decided the best place to put a fire station at this point, to serve the most people, was just south of Shadow Creek Ranch," said Pearland City Council Member Helen Backman.

The City of Pearland has already broken ground on a multimillion dollar centralized police station just east of 288 on Cullen Blvd. and the next three proposed fire stations don't include this site.

"That's seems like deception to me," said Jerrell Jackson.

"It's very misleading and deceptive. I don't understand why they didn't talk to the city about it before they put the sign up. That doesn't make any sense," said James Jackson, no relation.

We checked with the Shadow Creek Ranch Visitor's Office and they literally passed the question off.

They said the developer would call us. We also called the developer as well, but never heard back. Residents and Pearland council members are sounding off.

"I think that's false advertisement," said Jerrell Jackson

"Perhaps the sign should come down because people are getting the wrong impression," said Council Member Beckman.

With the city of Pearland saying that the future of their fire and police department does not include the lot, Council Member Beckman said she will now formally ask Shadow Creek Ranch to pull the sign down.

Despite Pearland not having any plans for the vacant lot, it does own the rights to it.

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