Macy's offers one for the price of two?

HOUSTON On Saturday, December 20, between the hours of 1:00pm and 2:45pm, some debit card users were double-billed.

According to a Macy's spokesperson, "Macy's had a system issue on Saturday, December 20 which may have caused multiple debits to some customers' checking accounts."

The company says it has corrected the problem and even contacted the banks of customers who were double-billed. Most shoppers had no idea the double-billing had happened at all.

"Double price would be awful. Was this a glitch in their system or with debit cards?" asked Beckie Rottier.

It was their system. For some customers, the double-billing may have been enough to cause an overdraft and that could have led to extra charges. If that happened, Macy's has said the company will work with your bank to remove any charges that were caused by the double debit.

Here's what affected consumers have to do:

If you got an overdraft charge, you must fax your bank statement to Macy's.

The fax number is 513-573-2433.

Customers need to write "Attention: third party credit" on the bill.

You can block out your account number and still get the overdraft charges corrected.

Clint Hall had a double-billing issue happen to him with a different company and had a tough time getting things straightened out.

"It was not a pretty experience at all. They treated me like I was a liar and they were derisive to me," said Hall.

He said the steps Macy's is taking should make the store's double-billing issue easy to correct.

"If they try to make nice about it and apologize about it and correct the situation, then all the better. Because it is not what happens, but how responsible they are to make it better," Hall said.

Macy's did not have a total number of customers affected, but we can tell you the problem happened at stores in the Houston area. And it's not the first time this has happened; the company had a similar problem just a couple of years ago.

A Macy's spokesperson said he thought the two problems were not connected.

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