Stolen gifts can't stop family's Christmas

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Three boys had a Christmas wish list that their mom worked hard to fulfill -- harder than her sons even realize.

"I've been putting in overtime to get everything on their list," explained mother Oriana Thompson.

On Christmas Eve, their mother made one last stop for gift wrap at a discount store near Hobby Airport. Her car was locked and she thought the bag of presents was hidden. When she returned, the car window was shattered, the gifts gone and her heart broken.

Thompson said, "To know that I got everything my kids wanted and to come home empty-handed, it really did hurt."

Her sons are five, ten and 14 years old. They're making do with the games they've played since last Christmas. They may be more understanding of losing out on their presents than their mom is.

"I told her not to worry and what she told me -- that good things come to those who wait," said Joshua, age 14.

So the family waits -- kids, mom, grandmother -- for police to say the stolen presents have been found, although that would be a Christmas miracle. Yet, in all of this, the boys may have found the real gift of Christmas...

"Spending time with your family," said Gyron, age 10.

As for whoever disrupted this family's Christmas, they say there's a gift for them -- that of forgiveness. That's the message of this day as well...

"I hope their kids didn't have and they just wanted it for their kids," said grandmother Anna Jefferson. "It's the wrong way to go about it, but may the Lord bless them and keep them wherever they are at this moment."

Houston police are investigating the theft and a crime report has been filed.

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