TV viewers can help solve crimes

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It's pretty simple -- Comcast will feature wanted felons in video profiles on its on-demand service. The public is asked to call Crime Stoppers if they recognize one or more of the featured suspects.

Ray Purser with Comcast explained, "The way it works, it's an innovative public service initiative through which television viewers can play a role in fighting crime, helping law enforcement track down these fugitives at large."

"Comcast is indicating and demonstrating how we need to leverage technology to take violent people, dangerous people off the streets of Houston/Harris County," explained Harris County Sheriff-Elect Adrian Garcia.

The Police Blotter program starts today for Comcast customers with digital cable only. Officials say in other markets the program has resulted in about one arrest a month.

If you don't have Comcast digital cable, you can still help out. Visit the Crime section to see surveillance photos and videos, and get descriptions of suspects wanted by authorities.

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