Dangerous home invasion suspects sought

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It's a troubling thought for residents near the areas where these home invasions have occurred. U.S. Marshalls, Houston police and Stafford police are comparing notes, working to see how many home invasions they can link together. They say an arrest could solve a significant number of cases -- maybe even several in one Stafford neighborhood.

When someone rang the doorbell at Maria Cina's Stafford home on Halloween day, she opened the door and two men forced their way in. Through a translator she told us a man pulled a gun out, grabbed her by the hair and put the gun on her head.

Cina says the men threatened to kill her, her 13-year-old son and infant granddaughter if she didn't give them money, guns or jewelry, which she did. Describing the ordeal brings her to tears still today.

"She thought she was going to get killed because of the gun on her head," the translator explained for Cina.

Stafford police say there have been three home invasions in the past three months, ach very similar to that which Cina endured. Cina says Stafford police detectives tell her investigators at the Houston Police Department are looking to see if the same suspects are involved in other attacks.

There was a home invasion here at an apartment complex in Houston near Hillcroft and Highway 59 in July. According to a police report, a woman was sexually assaulted in that attack. An arrest was made in that case in August, but investigators tell us that suspect has nothing to do with the other home invasions they are trying to solve.

Houston police say there are "multiple" home invasions which they are trying to solve. They want to see if they can tie any of them together, but they won't provide any details as to where or when those incidents happened or whether anyone was hurt in those attacks.

Victims like Cina just want whoever is responsible for such attacks caught and arrested before someone gets seriously hurt.

We have asked Houston and Stafford police and the US Marshall service to tell us just how many home invasions they are looking to link to the same suspect or suspects, but they won't say. They tell us they are in the middle of active investigations that they don't want to jeopardize.

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