Today is one of the year's busiest travel days

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AAA actually expects a one-percent drop in the number of people traveling this year. It says two and a half million Texans will drive to their Thanksgiving destination and about 14 percent will fly.

Texas and California are the two states expected to have the highest number of travelers this holiday. About half a million people will board a plane here in the Lone Star State over the next couple days, but that number is much smaller compared to last year.

The economy is the main reason why many people aren't traveling this holiday, especially by plane. Airline tickets are eight percent higher this year than they were at the same time last year. On top of that, all of the major airlines are now charging baggage fees. Some airlines are charging as much as $100 for three or more checked bags. Those charges are proving to be pretty unpopular

The one thing that is turning out to be popular is the new family lanes that have opened up at both Houston airports, giving families more time to get through security.

When it comes to those who are driving to their destinations, many who weren't planning to travel at all because of the cost of gasoline are now reconsidering. Two weeks ago, fuel was about 88 cents to one dollar higher than it currently stands, so filling up will be a little easier on the wallet than most folks expected. And the national average dropped again overnight and is down to a $1.88. Here in Houston, the price dropped by two cents overnight to $1.71.

AAA predicts in this region of the country, 8.8 million drivers will be on the roads headed to see their families.

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