Family terrorized during home invasion

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Authorities say three or four intruders broke into a house on Red Leo Lane and Fox Hollow just after midnight. The victims say they had only been in the home for a few weeks, moving here from Austin after a relative was murdered. The homeowner, Adan Charre, says he believes that the men who attacked him and his family may actually behind his cousin's murder.

The men broke into the home shortly after midnight. Charre heard the glass of the patio door shatter. He says he immediately woke up and told his wife to call 911 and he began making his way downstairs. He said he was hit in the head with a gun.

Charre says at least four men tied him up and then made some references to his cousin. His cousin was shot and killed three weeks ago and his body was found in a stolen truck in Austin. Charre says that's when he decided to move to Houston.

Charre told Eyewitness News he doesn't know who these men are, but for some reason he says they tracked him down. The suspects apparently told the wife call 911 back to tell them she no longer needed them, but deputies were on the way. After about five minutes, deputies arrived on the scene.

When authorities arrived, one man was still in the house and as many as three others ran into the woods. One suspect was later caught in the woods.

Investigators are still trying to sort out the information about the Austin case and connect it to this overnight home invasion.

The homeowner's wife and five children were inside the home at the time of the incident, but they weren't injured.

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