Photos shown in home alone case

HOUSTON The children, all under the age of 15, were living in deplorable conditions.

On Thursday, Harris County Sergeant Gary Rodgers recounted for the jury his January visit to the Mosely home by describing photographs taken during the initial investigation. Pictures were snapped of practically every room in the home.

Rodgers explained that food left in the refrigerator had expired and was turning all different colors.

"I wouldn't feed it to a dog," he testified.

It didn't stop there. Jurors were shown several more pictures; a smoke detector that had been dismantled and set on a table next to a plate with crawling roaches, a basket of rotting fruit, and various rooms throughout the house, a home left in what Sergeant Rodgers described as shambles.

"It was just a nasty, filthy, dirty house," he said.

Yet in opening statements, defense attorneys maintain that Mosely's sister from Louisina was supposed to watch her six children, but never showed up. They claim Mosely did everything she could to make sure her kids were being looked after, including leaving money.

Prosecutors sought to discredit those claims.

"Where did you find debit cards?" asked the prosecutor.

"We didn't find any," said Sgt. Rodgers.

"Did you see money?"

"Didn't find any money at all," said Rodgers. "We did not find any emergency contacts whatsoever."

Defense attorneys insist that Mosely's daughter, who was 15 at the time, tried to hide the fact that her aunt never showed up because she wanted to be at the home alone. That daughter, who is now 16, is expected to take the stand as the defense presents its case.

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