McCain tries to make peace with Letterman

October 17, 2008 10:25:08 AM PDT
John McCain may be having second thoughts about making peace with David Letterman after undergoing a grilling on the talk show host's program. McCain told Letterman he "screwed up" by canceling a "Late Show" appearance three weeks ago. Letterman has been hammering the Arizona senator ever since.

Although Letterman said he was "willing to put this behind us," he came after McCain hard with questions. Letterman asked about McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as running mate and whether she's qualified to lead the country in a time of crisis.

Letterman also questioned McCain about Palin's claim that Barack Obama "palled around with terrorists." McCain backed her up, saying his opponent needs to better explain his relationship with former Weather Underground activist William Ayers.

As for going on the show, McCain joked that he hadn't had so much fun since his "last interrogation." And he promised not to raise anybody's taxes -- except Letterman's.

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