Men target girls near school

HOUSTON There were two incidents on the same day near Lamar High. Whether it makes it more disturbing or not, authorities say they don't think the two incidents appear related.

As 15-year-old Bellaire High student Michele Adams walked to her school bus stop Wednesday morning near Lamar High, she noticed something.

"He was just kind of like grinning at me with this really creepy 'I want to do things to you' grin," Michele recalled.

She noticed someone following her in a car on West Alabama.

She said, "I watched him pull into the driveway over here."

Michele says the man tried to hide his car behind a building and that she saw him sitting, and she thought it looked as if he was waiting for her.

"I was just scared," Michele explained. "I was like, if I go over there he might try to grab me or take me or something. I don't really know."

She crossed the street and ran.

Just a few hours later, on the very same street, less than two blocks away, another disturbing incident took place.

Lamar High Principal Dr. James McSwain said, "The man exposed himself and made inappropriate comments to the students."

McSwain says two other teen girls walking to school encountered another man touching himself. He was parked in a small inlet at the south side of the school.

"It just shows you that the unexpected can happen anywhere," McSwain cautioned.

Each of the men took off when the girls ran away. None of the girls were physically hurt.

Police say the two descriptions do not match. The man who exposed himself was driving a green Jeep Wrangler. In the other case, the man was driving a small, teal compact car.

If you have any information which can help in either case you are urged to contact the police.

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