Wild shooting scene unfolds outside club

HOUSTON There were actually two shooting scenes, one leading to another. The first shooting was in a parking lot on OST near Allegheny when an officer noticed some suspects he thought were trying to break into vehicles. Investigators say a suspect fired at the officer, who fired back. No one was hurt, and the thieves got away.

While all that was going on, a second officer heard gunfire at the nightclub next door on Peerless at OST. He found two people wounded in the parking lot. He also saw a man shooting at a parked vehicle and ordered him to drop his weapon.

"The witnesses directed the officer to a vehicle in the street that they believed was involved in the shooting," said Victor Senties with HPD. "When the officer approached the vehicle, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that there was a male suspect wearing all black standing to his left who was firing shots at the vehicle that was leaving."

When the man pointed the gun at the officer instead, the officer started shooting.

The vehicle took off, as did the suspect.

As for the shooting victims, one is in critical condition. A second was hit in the shoulder, but should be OK.

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