More details released on Brandon Backe arrest

October 9, 2008 3:03:50 AM PDT
We are learning more about the wedding day fight that sent one man to the hospital, and led to the arrest of Houston Astros pitcher Brandon Backe. And now a private investigator is launching her own probe. A sample of the arrest was caught on cell phone video. Two wedding guests were on the ground, one stung by a police Taser. Eleven people in all were arrested, including the 19-year-old brother of the bride who relatives say was beaten by police and now has head injuries.

Charged with interfering with a public servant was Astros pitcher Brandon Backe.

It all started with the 19-year-old brother of the bride trying to take a beer into the hotel bar. There was a confrontation with a security guard and an off-duty officer. There was a crowd of onlookers who are said to claim they became the target of a police riot squad.

Bobbi Bacha owns Blue Moon Investigations. She attended the wedding and left before the incident. She's now investigating the arrests and says she's already investigated two dozen witnesses who all tell the same story.

"In this case, everyone is saying no one was making any aggressions to any peace officers," she said. "If anything, it was vice-versa. It was very aggressive police officers."

Another interesting point in this case, the FEMA representative who's been working in Galveston after Hurricane Ike. He was detained at the hotel, but he was not arrested.

If you want to see the police report from the night, we have it posted here.

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