Family flees home in ski boat

September 13, 2008 5:57:40 PM PDT
One family tried to ride out the storm on Galveston Island in their one-story home before fleeing to safety on their ski boat as the eye of Hurricane Ike passed over. TRACK IT: Location/forecast track | Satellite | Computer models | Forecast wind by zip code | Watches/warnings | Hurr. wind probabilities | TS wind probabilities | Tracking map | Get Ike text alerts | Gulf water temps | Tim Heller's blog | During the storm | Your report | Photos

Commercial fisherman Steven Rushing says he regrets staying on the island with his wife, 12-year-old son, 17-year-old pregnant daughter, 19-year-old son, a nephew, a cousin and two dogs.

Rushing says the family fled their house when the coach started floating and surge waters reached the TV set, which is about four feet off the ground.

The family traveled 16 blocks in the boat before running aground. They sprinted the remaining four blocks to the San Luis resort, which is where emergency personnel are headquartered.

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