Meet Erin "Super Saver" Libranda

September 4, 2008 10:24:33 AM PDT
I am a single, full time working mother of three girls, Jordan, Nicole and Alexis, and was tired of trying to make ends meet each week. Child support was only going so far and that along with my weekly paycheck was just keeping us afloat. I would get the Sunday paper, clip coupons and save 20-30% each time I shopped but it was not enough. I knew I had to do better for my family. I found coupon trading boards online and began getting the "heads up" on deals that I would have never known about unless I went into every store every day to check the deals out for myself. Nobody has that kind of time. That is when I found Ever since then my life has changed.

I can now look at several store ads online before they would even come in the mail or be available at the stores. Most have coupon match ups with them, so all I have to do is gather coupons and head out to the stores. Now I have stocked up on items we will always need and will never have to pay full price for them again.

By us saving thousands of dollars a year at the grocery and other stores, it allows my family opportunities that we might not otherwise be able to afford. Examples of this are our annual vacations, going out to the movies, buying those cool new shoes...and most importantly college tuition for three girls.

-- Erin Libranda