Allegations of secret camera in bathroom

HOUSTON The restroom is one of the most private of places. Employees at a dental office say people were spied on there and are pointing the finger at their boss, who is a veteran dentist. They say he has hundreds of patients.

Eyewitness News was there when the dentist in question was taken away by police. He has not been arrested or charged so we're not identifying him, but his employee Joann Luna says she saw some pretty damaging evidence.

"It's humiliating what I saw on the videos," she told us. "Just what I saw, it's just not right."

Luna and her co-worker tell us they found videotapes of patients and employees using the restroom inside the southeast side dental office. With their jobs at stake, they called police anyway as well as their husbands. They were furious.

"They should close this office down," said Luna's husband Albert. "He shouldn't be a dentist no more, they should close him and arrest him. That's wrong."

Police confiscated a box of tapes and used a ladder to search the bathroom. Joann says she recognized it on the video as theirs. She says there were two camera angles.

"One facing the back of you and one towards the front of you," she described. "You could see a lot. It's really bad. I couldn't stand to look at it. I had to turn my face on a lot of it."

The dentist, who is married with two children and has been licensed since 1983, did not comment as police took him away for questioning.

Attorney Geoffrey Berg says Texas law is very clear -- so clear that it mentions bathrooms.

"Yes, this is a crime," he said. "Believe it or not the statute is that specific. It says you can't put a video camera in certain places -- not a bathroom -- in these circumstances. It's that specific."

Berg says if there are children on the videos, the offense is much more serious. The two female employees say they're not sure if they were videotaped because they were able to watch only one tape out of 11.

This is a story we'll continue to follow.

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