Bizarre stabbing attack in Sugar Land

SUGAR LAND, TX Ron Williamson was attacked in his bedroom early this morning at his home on Elmwood near Greenway. He's OK now, but spent six hours with a steak knife stuck in his head after being attacked in his own bedroom.

It was about 3am Monday when Williamson was shaken from a sound sleep for reasons he still doesn't understand.

"I believe it was the Lord himself letting me know, 'Hey, there's something fixing to happen. You need to wake up'," said Williamson.

Not sure if he was dreaming, he saw a shadowy figure above him.

"She came down with a blow and it came off my arm and the stabbed me right into the head," he said.

Williamson didn't find out until later that it was a steak knife that had pierced his skull.

While he struggled with his attacker, his wife, Cindy Williamson, ran to check on the kids. Cindy says she came back to the bedroom to find a cell phone to call 911. She did and in the meantime, her son went to the garage to get a baseball bat.

"He went and got the bat," she said. "I told the lady from 911, 'I'm fixing to have to hit her with this, so I need both hands, so I'm hanging up."

The former PTA president helped her husband fight off the attacker, hitting her several times with that bat.

"Every time she moved, I hit her with the bat," said Cindy.

It turns out , police say, that the attacker is Lydia Munoz, 30. They tell us she was a contract worker for Williamson at his Stafford business. She was fired about a month ago.

"She asked me, 'Please kill me, please kill me'," said Cindy. "And I said, 'No, you're going to go to prison'."

The victims held Munoz until authorities arrived. Munoz is now in custody at the Fort Bend County jail, facing an aggravated assault charge.

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