Men arrested for shooting at businesses

HOUSTON Investigators say the bullets went flying into two businesses along the Gulf Freeway, and it didn't take long for police to make an arrest, not too far away. A good Samaritan helped police make that arrest. He followed the two suspects, giving dispatchers their exact location.

Police say the men in their twenties were celebrating a sendoff to the military. Instead they ended up handcuffed and taken to jail. Police found two pistols and a rifle in the truck that they say were used to shoot out a window at a Luby's right in the middle of the busy lunch rush. Patrons and employees inside went running for cover.

"The round was deflected by the first window, and, we believe, ricocheted off and then hit a second window, at the second entrance into Luby's," explained HPD Sgt. Brian Harris. "Because the vehicle was traveling southbound it came in at an angle and deflected the full blow. Had it had been straight on, somebody would have been hIt."

Not far from the Luby's, two bullets went through the ABC Printing and Signs store and lodged into a wooden desk, just missing the employee's face.

Luckily no one was hurt. Police say the two men face charges of deadly conduct, which is a third degree felony, and possession of a controlled substance.

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