Artist takes recycling to whole new level

HOUSTON Johann Boudreaux likes to talk garbage with kids, and not only is it accepted, it's encouraged.

"It takes on the appearance of a teardrop, and with the curves, it has an organic shape," Boudreaux explained, "Therefore, you're thinking outside the box when you look at it."

What he calls outside the box actually is a box, or rather several cardboard boxes reshaped and refitted into a chair -- a concept that was as entertaining as it was educational to these kids. They couldn't stop asking questions, including, "What would you do if the chair broke?"

Boudreaux answered, "If the chair broke, I would use the industrial glue I used to glue it together."

Another child asked, "When you were a kid did you want to be an artist?"

Boudreaux replied, "Yes, I picked it up in middle school, and I saw I had the talent to draw."

Building furniture out of nontraditional material is not new; however, Boudreaux wanted to try it himself to show that an environmental design from reusable, organic materials can be functional.

"When the kids responded to it the way they did, it touched me and I feel [that] I accomplished my goal. If younger kids can get it, then anybody can get it, is the way I look at it."

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