Storms leave path of damage in Montgomery Co.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX The National Weather Service says there wasn't a tornado just outside Cut and Shoot, but in a house under seven trees, Tommy Thompson isn't so sure.

"It turned black and the winds got pretty heavy and the trees were bending big time," he told us. "Then the power went off."

He estimates he has 30 or 40 trees down across his three and a half acre property, but most severe was the seven trees that landed on top of his house all at once.

Thompson reminded us that it's not just him. All over this part of Montgomery County, there were trees down, power was out, homes were damaged, cars destroyed and some roads were impassable.

"We walked up the street, my son and I did, and we heard Mr. Taylor hollering," said storm victim Don Rohne. "He was hollering from help. And we went in there and a big tree came through and pinned him in his bed."

That was, according to the National Weather Service, the only injury. The man was taken to the hospital Sunday.

For a brief storm that weather service officials say wasn't a tornado, it certainly did a lot of damage. And Thompson is willing to bet the official weathermen might have it wrong.

"It was a tornado, I believe," he said. "I don't see how it couldn't be a tornado. I don't believe it was straight line wind."

In Thompson's home, they were fortunate. All of the trees fell on the front of the home. Everyone inside was in the back. As for the man who was pinned during the storm, both of his legs were broken, but otherwise, he's expected to be OK.

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