Police respond to kidnapped girl sighting

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico Employees at an auto store and at a convenience store said they recognized Clark Rockefeller and his daughter Reigh Boss from photos as the people they helped the day before, Turks and Caicos Sgt. Calvin Chase said Friday.

But the sightings were investigated and found not to be credible, Boston Police spokesman Eddy Chrispin said.

"It definitely was not him," Chrispin said.

Rockefeller and his daughter were last seen at New York City's Grand Central Terminal on Sunday, hours after he allegedly ran off with her during a supervised visit. The girl has been living in London with her mother.

Police initially suspected Rockefeller was trying to flee to Bermuda or Peru on a yacht docked in Long Island. But authorities say he may have planted false clues to throw off investigators. Many other reported sightings have been made, but none have panned out.

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